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3500BPH quick-dry PVC glue filling capping machines

Time: 2018-04-12

This equipment is a PVC glue six -heads quick-filling-capping machine, with the output capacity of about 2000-3000 pcs per hour.
This machine adopt ceramic pump, applicable for many different sticky and viscous liquid with high precison, like glue, tomato paste, cream, sauce, etc.
The machines adopt explosion-proof measures such as explosion proof motor and explosion-proof electric box, to ensure the safety of the employees and equipments.
This machine is multi-functional, adopt automatic Positioning mould and Detecting device, not only suit for the center-cap bottles, but also can apply to the near-edge-cap bottles as well. 

Capping machine with magnetic head, good sealing and no damage to the caps. 
It is a Stainless Steel Constructed machine, all the material contacting part of the equipment use anti-corrosive SS316 and silicone tube, meeting CE standard. 
The operations will be operated by PLC and functioned by HMI, high automation and simple to adjust capacity.