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Mixing tank CIP system
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CIP system

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Product Description

Auto CIP local-cleaning equipment developed by our company is widely applicable to dairy production , food, beverage, cosmetic, etc. The cleaning system us a complete set of technology system which include equipment, pipeline, operating procedure, the proportion of clean of cleaning liquid, automatic control and stake out control. According to the hydrodynamics analysis , the equipment is capable of cleaning up equipment by torcing controlled lotion to flow in circle without being moved or teared down.


Operation pressure

0.3-0.7MPa(normal pressure of tank, inside steaming pipe)

Operation temperature

60-138℃(inside acid tank, inside pure water tank, inside steaming pipe)

Flow of centrifugal pump


Max. lift of centrifugal pump



SS 316


Steam  2 KW

Overall dimensions

1.2M *  2.8M  *2M

Production Process

water cleaning----hot alkali liquid cleaning---- water cleaning---hot acid liquid cleaning—rinsing cleaning.

Configuration: 1.acid storage tank 2.alkali storage tank 3.fresh water storage tank  4.centrifugal pump 5.pipes and valves

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