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  • 1.What are the orders procedures?1.What are the orders procedures?

    Step 1: We quote you according to the requirements.Step 2: You confirm the quote, and both us clear all details, then we will send PI to you confirm.Step 3: You pay the deposit according to PI terms. And send you real product sample to us.Step 4: We customized machine according to you real product. And report production process to you weekly, until finish, and delivery to you timely.Step 5: When machine ready, We will test machine and take video to you confirm, or welcome to our factory to do machine inspection. Step 6: You pay the balance to get the final products. Then we shipment to you according to terms. 

  • 2.How to scientifically choose the filling production line that suitable your product?

    Provide you requirements to us,Including you filling materials, filling speed, bottle details, Then we will working best suitable solution to you.

  • 3.What are the few details that need to be taken into account when choosing a filling machine?

    (1)Filling accuracy.

    (2)Machine Controlling system and parts brand

    (3)Whether convenience for person operation

  • 4.How to ensure that the equipment designed and produced is safe, stable, and trouble-free, and that it is completely customized according to customer requirements?

    We do strict quality control throughout the production process according to  CE standard and ISO9001.

    When our machine ready, We will doing test again and again, To ensure it is safe and stable before shipming.

    And customer can also check each details according production requirements. To ensure completely customized according to customer requirements.

  • 5.After the equipment is shipped to the customer's factory, how to start the installation, commissioning and learning operation?

    According to our manuals and machine labels instructions installation machine. Any you can also browse our machine install video on our website.

  • 6.Some technical problems that need to be solved during the use of the equipment, or parts that need to be replaced. How to deal with it?

    You can operation it according to manuals firstly.

    Secondly, You can take the photos of problem pisition and details describe it, Then send to us, We will provide solution to you at the first time.

    Finally, Regarding parts, we will sent to you timely according to actually situation.

  • 7.How to avoid encountering unprofessional suppliers or marketing in the selection and purchase of filling machines, and using unprofessional solutions?

    Find professional suppler compare they difference. As China's leading supplier of packaging machineryWe export lots of machines to UK,USA,Poland,France,Spain,Brazil,Singapore and many other countries. Have passed 3rd party factory audit and specialized in this field for more than 20 years. We sure our solution and product will meet your requirements.

  • 8.What issues need to pay attention when buying filling equipment?

    Supplier production capacity,technological level, perfectly after sales service.

  • 9.How is the after-sales service for filling equipment carried out?

    1,warranty for one year, life-long service, 24 hours for you to open after-sales service sites, lines and fax, domestic customers keeps basically reach the designated place within 72 hours. 2,spare parts inventory save enough for a long time, vulnerability, consumable and important accessories, ensure that in the first place to the customer response. , for each customer visit regularly, once a year, and records the good equipment records.3,service special line 021-34781699

  • 10.How to learn and use the filling equipment?

    We have details manuals teach you well operation it, It is very convenience for you.

    Also,We can arrange our engineer come to your factory provide technical support if you need, including training your staff. 

  • 11. What are the problems with piston type filling machines?

    To see if you are using a cylinder or a servo motor drive, viscous materials such as honey have to be filled with pistons. There are no shortcomings when the equipment is well done; If the equipment is not well done,the disadvantages are leakage, inaccurate quantification, inversion of the bottle, bottle jamming, detection failure,etc.

  • 12. How to control the filling accuracy of filling machinery?

    The metering method of the filling machine can be divided into two types. One is the method of using the volume. This method can completely meet the national standards for the filling of conventional fluid and semi-fluid materials.

    The other is controlled by flow rate and time. Relatively speaking, it is mainly used for products with relatively good liquidity and low added value. The products with less strict requirements on accuracy are due to different characteristics of materials/temperature/level/pressure. , It is easy to cause inaccurate filling accuracy.

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