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muti function foam cleaner spray Bottle Filling machine

Time: 2018-06-28

Fengjia filling machine is one of the products I dingshun machinery company to inject, fengjia Filling Machine recently ten linkage production line into the animal medicine industry.Fengjia filling machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries for glass, plastic, metal and other containers vacuum, self-priming liquid filling equipment.Apply to be poured container caliber should be small, caliber liquid tensile stress should be greater than the liquid static pressure, that is to say the liquid will not flow out of the container upside down.Jiangyin dingshun machinery hopes to seize the animal as the main drug market.

Fengjia filling machine and Jiangyin dingshun machinery equipment eye water Sealing Machine use, with simple operation of a seal, quantity, temperature automatic control (adjustable) easy maintenance and so on.Eyedrop Sealing Machine is mainly used for a variety of small-caliber plastic bottles (eyedrop bottles) sealing.

This set of equipment is also suitable for oral liquid plastic bottles, bottle filling, eye drops bottle filling, cosmetics perfume bottles, battery liquid filling and sealing.Packaging effect is very good, quite by animal medicine industry.