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My name is Betty Li from shanghai paixie packaging machinery
company. The major is international economic and trade.I like to
travel to different places and make friends from all over the world
and hope to have pleasure can be your good friend.I am a  patient
and responsible and interesting girl, hope you will be interested in me.
I have been engaged in foreign trade for many years. we are a
professional manufacturer of filling capping labeling machine. many
clients from Australia New Zealand Netherlands and France,etc. My
clients is also my good friends.Especially for fruit sauce bottle ,e-liquid
bottle ,milk bottle and tin can filling capping labeling machine, I will
provide you with professional solutions and competitive price. Achieve
a win-win situation between us.
I still think no friend no business. Hope we become good friends first,
then create brilliant career together .


HI, i am Cherry. Influenced by my English teacher in senior high
school, i was eager to be a foreign salesman. So i majored in Business
English without any hesitation and doubt when i was in colleague and
learned lots of knowledge about foreign trade . After graduation, i
joined in the big family Shanghai Paixie Packing Machinery CO.,LT.
And as a member of Shanghai Paixie,i worked as a foreign salesman
for 2 years. I obtained lots of our machine knowledge ans sales skill
during the 2 years. And i am specialized in e liquid filling machine,
honey and jam filling machine and other filling machines.I will try
my best to resolve any problem from our customers and provide
the best services and machines for our customers. 



Hi,This is Karl from Shanghai Paixie Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
I graduated from Jiangxi University Of Technology, Majoring in
international economy and trade(bachelor's degree in economics).
Proficient in international trade practices,international finance and
international commercial law, With excellent international business
negotiation ability and marketing management ability.
I am a man of broad mind and visionary. Serious, efficient,
responsible is my work principles.I also have a wide range of
hobbies, such as skating, tennis, guitar,travel and so on.
About packaging machinery, I'm good at all kinds of automatic
filling equipment,liquid, powder, granule packaging equipment,
Auxiliary equipment. For world food,pharmaceutical,cosmetic,
and other industries provide high quality filling machine products
and technologies and services.We export lots of machines to UK,
USA,Poland,France,Spain,Brazil,Singapore and many other
countries. And established a deep partnership with our customers.
As a partner of Paixie,We are committed to becoming China's
leading supplier of packaging machinery, We not only custom high
quality machines,But also provide best solution and Perfect
after-sales service,For you to share and create value.

my name is  ramon,and go by Lee.I am an out-going and active guy,
with a strong sense of responsibility and humor    team-spirit.Having a
wide range of hobbies, including basketball, music, movies and travelling. 
Graduated from Shanghai  jianqiao university, major in international
economic and trade .and i have been   Working in shanghai paixie
packing machinery company for many years, specialized in packing
machine manufacture, 
 our machine is exported to many countries with good feedback from
our customers .As a member of Team Paixie.Our team consisting of
lofty aspiration members, having positive work attitude and be willing
and able to work diligently without supervision。
We not only provide high quality machines, but also the humanized
service and our solution for our customer .we would always insist
on “customer first” quality first”as our principle    we believe we will
have bright future in this market .we believe we will be the leader
of this market.

Hello. My name is Sophia Shen. I was born in October 1993, come
from Huzhou, Zhejiang. I graduated from Oriental Institute of
Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, and was majored in
international economy and trade for more than 4 years. After
graduation, I joined
Shanghai Paixie Packaging Machinery Co., ltd., and have engaged in
the work of foreign trade salesman for a long time. I have a certain
understanding of our automatic liquid filling machine. And I also into
traveling and body-building during my spare time. If you need any
information or help about our company and products, please feel free
to contact me, and I will provide my best service for you. 


HiI am tony, I am easy-going and congenial, with a strong sense of
responsibility and good team-spirit.Having a wide range of hobbies,
including tennis, music, movies and treval. Graduated from Huaibei
normal university, major international economic and trade professional.
Working in shanghai paixie packing machinery companyAs a member
of Team-Paixie.Our youth team consisting of lofty aspiration members,
having positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently
without supervision。All things in their being are good for something.
I believe i can shine and determine to succeed with my members.