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The traditional beverage packaging market faces a big challenge: the rise of rigid plastic packaging market

Time: 2018-04-12

According to the latest research report pointed out that the rigid plastic packaging market is slowly expanding, now more and more willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles.It also signifies that they will replace the glass, in some cases, rigid plastic packaging can replace the metal products to reduce the packaging cost in order to get more profit. As a new market, rigid plastic packaging industry accounts for a third of the world's hard rigid plastic packaging, replacing polyethylene as the main material. Sustainable biodegradable materials will gradually replace traditional beverage packaging materials to truly achieve environmental protection.

What is rigid plastic?
Rigid plastic is mainly in the plastic composition in the study joined the biodegradable ingredients, packaging can be used after biodegradation, thus more environmentally friendly packaging than the glass packaging or metal.

Packaging industry current market trend.
Rigid plastic packaging is broken and lighter, so they are increasingly replacing traditional rigid plastic packaging such as glass, metal and cardboard cartons. Pilar international also said that suppliers in all packaging industries are making plastic products lightweight, recyclable and biodegradable through innovative integration, thus enhancing the value of their products. At the same time, traditional fibrous packaging materials(cellophane and translucent paper)are gradually eliminated. Is most likely to completely take the place of cellophane polypropylene film, and translucent paper (and grease proof paper) will be replaced by the high density and low density of metal foil, especially double metal extrusion and with resin, added functionality can be doubled.